Optimate AlpaFarm is the world’s most user-friendly and technically advanced alpaca herd and farm management software system. It is written by Optimate Computer Systems, a business established in 1991 to service the custom software market, and which is based in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. Optimate Computer Systems is now part of the Optimate Group family of businesses.

Optimate AlpaFarm is written by people with practical experience and relevant academic qualifications:
Philip Prohm MCompSc BSc
Kristi Ellinopoullos PhD(Agric)

Further, AlpaFarm is co-developed with its full-time alpaca breeding partners, Orrapoora Alpacas (established 1994), a subsidiary of Airlie Group Holdings Pty Limited.

AlpaFarm is also developed with input and feedback from its diverse client base, many of them also full-time alpaca breeders with a wealth of experience.

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