AlpacaSeller AUAlpacaSeller is in 15 countries and is the world’s largest online alpaca buy and sell trading site. We, Optimate Group, are the Australian AlpacaSeller partners.

Did you know Optimate AlpaFarm is able to upload your animal sales and stud services data to your AlpacaSeller account, whichever country you may be in?

Further, these data can display in your own website! And in several languages if desired. Thus with AlpaFarm, you can enter once, and display thrice: in AlpaFarm itself, in your AlpacaSeller account, and in your own website. Examples of websites displaying AlpacaSeller data are here. Some of these websites were made by our website design business, Broad Ribbon Designs.

We also have a web hosting business, Optimate Web Hosting. This synergy of AlpacaSeller, Broad Ribbon Designs, and Optimate Web Hosting allows us to extend to purchasers of AlpaFarm some very favourable web-based packages, all of which include an AlpacaSeller account in your country of choice as well as a full year’s web hosting. Please get in touch to discuss how we can best set up an online presence for you.