You have a stunning stud male of which you wish to market the services. Or perhaps a successful female who produces champion after champion that you wish to sell. How best to present your alpaca to potential clients professionally, and with minimum cost and effort?

Here’s how to create a simple yet elegant dossier with AlpaFarm Reports.

You’ll need to firstly decide which Reports will best promote your alpaca—maybe they all will!

Now create your Reports and print them out. See the article How to Make GREAT Reports on this website for full details.

Now for something nice in which to present your Reports. After a survey of the various files/folders available, we settled on the “Colby A4 Spine Clip File”, available from Officeworks for $1.44. You should also be able to find similar products for similar prices elsewhere.

Optimate has no financial interest in, nor receives remuneration from, Officeworks or Colby.

Empty folder  Empty folder with spine removed

Without specifically wishing to endorse any particular product, we chose this one because:

In essence, all you do is:

  1. print your reports
  2. place your reports in the folder
  3. slide the clip over the spine


Print your Reports.

Creation of a Dossier

You don’t have to wait for the first Report to finish printing before starting the second one. Windows uses a print spooler, so you can start all Reports in quick succession and then go off and have a cup of tea while the Reports all print.
How to make GREAT Reports

Place your Reports in the folder.

Creation of a Dossier

This is easy enough, but take care that the pages are centred in the folder.

Slide the clip over the spine.

Creation of a Dossier

Place the folder flat on the table, start with the clip at the top of the folder, and slide the clip down along the spine.

Admire your work :-)

Creation of a Dossier

And that’s it! A handsome dossier to hand out or mail out, with virtually no cost or time.