Optimate AlpaFarm has the longest documented revision history of any alpaca herd management program—13 years and counting!

Optimate has a proven history of regular and substantial and continuing program development, second to none in the industry.

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16th December, 2015 (8,954KB)

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Recent Detail From whatsnew.txt Included With AlpaFarm

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December 2015
improved    Alpaca Report - added Microchip Number, DNA Number

November 2015
improved    Update Mating Schedule - increased size of comments field
improved    Browse Shearing Record - added row count
improved    Browse Shearing Record - added Masterfile/Herdbook/Agistment filter
improved    Browse Shearing Record - added sort by Micron and by Std Dev
improved    Update Alpaca - added CR, B, BB, TB, LRG to colour dropdown lists
added       Reports: Show Results

October 2014
added       Tools: Import AlpaFarm 2012 Data

February 2013
added       CLAA Number
improved    Backup/Restore/Send/Receive - made more robust
improved    handling of tighter security constraints imposed by Windows
improved    handling of Options file

November 2012
improved    Tools: Backup etc - improved handling of slow connections

September 2012
updated     file converter

August 2012
added       Death Register Report
improved    UpdateProgeny - changed order of prompts to cria, dam, sire
improved    Locale/Country - added Finland, Belgium, Sweden
improved    Herdbook Valuation Report - added Sortby
improved    Update Alpaca - added standalone RN (Roan) to list of available colours
improved    Browse/Update Paddock - added Property Identification Code (PIC)
improved    Locator History / Locator Snapshot Reports - added PIC; display both PICs in an animal movement when they differ, otherwise hide
improved    Update/Browse Paddock - widened Paddock Name to 25 characters
fixed       Locator Snapshot Report - sold/deceased animals were being excluded even if the sale/death occurred after the snapshot

July 2012
added       Tools: Backup
added       Tools: Restore
added       Tools: Send Data to AlpaFarm 2012
added       Tools: Receive Data from AlpaFarm 2012

November 2011
added       Tools: Import AlpaFarm 2010 Data
added       Tools: Import older AlpaFarm Data
improved    file converter - added UAC support

October 2011
improved    close down - now more streamlined

October 2010
added       support for Spanish

June 2010
added       full support for UAC
added       Datapath to info reported in Technical Support email
improved    overall look
improved    file converter
improved    Spitoff Report
improved    handling of calculation of coefficients of inbreeding
improved    internal handling of options file

March 2010
added       Breeding History subreport to Animal History Report
added       Herdbook Report - additional report with multiple sort orders

January 2010
improved    Update Shearing Record - recall Shearing Date and Sampling Date for next Insert
improved    Update Alpaca - delete corresponding Locator record when marking How Disposed as Deceased
improved    Fleece Test Labels Report - added facility to exclude Deceased and Sold animals from report
improved    Fleece Test Labels Report - added Ident and IAR to list of sort orders

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