We offer free support, even for Trialware.

Mind you, AlpaFarm is so intuitive and easy to learn that we hardly ever receive requests for support. Nonetheless, though we make every effort to make AlpaFarm as user-friendly as possible, we realise that people may still encounter difficulties.

AlpaFarm comes with an extensive HTML Help system (Help : Contents), with full Index and Search facilities to simplify the search for answers. You can read HTML Help like a book from beginning to end, or move around with the hyperlinks.

AlpaFarm Help, available from the main menu via Help : Contents

AlpaFarm Help

If, however, you cannot solve your problem with the documentation, fear not!

We offer free support, even for Trialware.

You can even email Optimate Computer Systems from within AlpaFarm itself (Help : Email Technical Support). No need to look for an email address, or to “remember to contact Optimate later”—the hard stuff is done for you. All you need do is type in your question(s) and send. If you’re not online at the time, simply save the email ready to send when next you are online (in Outlook Express, this is File : Send Later). Alternatively, fax your question(s) to us on +61 2 4227 5975.

Please always quote your version number (Help : About Optimate AlpaFarm).