“Wanted to add my 2 cents worth to your testimonials. We are very impressed with the Optimate Programme. It is very easy to learn, and what I can’t work out, Kristi is on hand to talk me through it. The service is 2nd to none and we have recommended this programme to many. The Broad Ribbon Design websites are excellent. With one horrid website, then another designer going on walkabout for 6 months with no website to show, Kristi got our website up and running in an extremely short amount of time, to our specifications. We have regular comments of ours being one of the best they have seen, the only others worthy, are also done by Kristi. Excellent service, excellents sites, who could ask for more. Prices are pretty excellent too.”
- Sharon and John Warland, Waradene Alpacas, Australia

“I recently purchased your Optimate AlpaFarm software. Let me start by saying it is fantastic! I would highly recommend it to anyone. I am a fairly new business owner and my paperwork was very unorganised and driving me insane. I then got your business software and like magic (well naturally there was time involved) I can now find things at my fingertips. I love the way I can generate reports and see where and how much I have spent on various things such as fencing and so on. Anyway it isn’t that often these days that one is impressed by something. Generally I find one can be promised something but it never meets with satisfaction, this package exceeds my expectations and you are to be congratulated on the work you have done to create a very useful product.”
- Michelle Oates, SerenityView Alpaca Stud, Australia

“It is not often I have received customer service that I am truly impressed with these days. Already I feel my decision to purchase your product was a good one. Have a great day, Philip!”
- Janet Hufford, Dream Chaser Alpacas, US

“...we are finding this Data a great asset to our alpaca business.”
- Brenda Lester, Brenel Alpacas, New Zealand

“The trialware on the CD is unbelievable. It is the first truly user-friendly software I have seen. We have had MS Access-based project management systems at [company name withheld] produced by a full-time IT person but it was never as intuitive and at the same time reliable. You should be teaching Microsoft how to write software.”
- Geoff Pearson, Daisy Bank Alpacas, Australia
  (now an AlpaFarm client)

NOTE: AlpaFarm is not written in Microsoft Access. Come see why AlpaFarm is as well-written as it is!

“I have done a bit of programing in my time and I like the functionality, and the way the software operates. Especially in Windows!!!”
[... and later ...]
“You guys are really great. I love that about you.”
- Annie Cummins, Around The Peak Alpacas, US

“I have been using the program for a little while now and it is proving to be one of the most invaluable tools I have ever had.”
- Briony Cairns, Bruny View Alpacas, Australia

“I have started to use the invoices with ever increasing confidence and they look really smart! Heaps better than MYOB!!!”
- Heather Dunn, Braeside Alpacas, Australia

“We have been using AlpaFarm for about 3yrs and are very satisfied customers. I have friends trying to talk me in to using other software, they just don’t realize what they are missing!”
- Victor and Gay Watzlavik, Low Country Alpacas, US

“Of course you may quote us on our approval of the Optimate Alpafarm software. You may be interested to know that we compared it with another herd management suite, [name withheld], and found yours to be quite superior.”
- Rik Devitt, White Mountain Alpacas, US

“Bruce and I continue to enjoy our AlpaFarm. It is excellent software. Philip Prohm is a most responsive software vendor. Because he wrote it, he knows it. If there is ever a problem, and a problem is rare, Philip takes care of it immediately. [T]he updates always have new features that we are delighted to use. Reports and information flyers for individual alpacas are easy to retrieve and very professional. Our husbandry records are current and accurate. It has been a pleasure to do business with Kristi and Philip.”
- Karen and Bruce Cross, Wake Robin Alpacas, LLC, US