Trialware is free, functional software available for evaluation during a limited time. AlpaFarm Trialware allows a three month period for the trial, starting from the day you install Optimate AlpaFarm on your computer. Downloading and installing further versions of AlpaFarm will not reset the clock.

During the evaluation period you have unlimited access to certain sections of the program including Alpacas, Herdbook, Agistments, Locator, Vets, Vet Visits and Customers. There are no artificially imposed limits on the number of alpacas, vet visits etc. that you can add. You can add as many as you like.

Come see how your name and stud / farm / ranch name will appear on Reports when in Trialware mode!

Once the trial period has elapsed, you can still access your data. You cannot enter new entries, but you are still able to create Alpaca Reports based on your existing data.

All the information that you enter is retained so that if and when you purchase AlpaFarm no such information is lost. You are provided with a key code that simply unlocks other sections of the program. There is no need to reinstall anything, unless of course you wish to use a newer version.